HomeOwnership Center of Central Massachusetts

138 Green Street, Suite 4
Worcester, MA 01604

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Buy Worcester Now!

Buy Worcester Now is a private/public partnership to preserve and promote homeownership in the City of Worcester by matching potential homebuyers with the best and most responsible mortgage products for purchasing a home in Worcester today.

To qualify, prospective homebuyers must secure a mortgage from a participating bank, credit union or mortgage company.

You don’t have to be a first-time homebuyer! However, you must reside in the home upon purchase.

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To start the process, we encourage you to attend an orientation session at the NeighborWorks(R) HomeOwnership Center of Central Massachusetts at 138 Green St. Suite 4,  in Worcester. Please call 508-791-2170 to register for the next available class.

You will learn more about the City’s down payment assistance, a variety of loan programs for first- and second-time homebuyers, purchase and rehabilitation loans and other assistance that you may qualify for.

Buy Worcester Now offers many different products from many different lenders. It is important that you find the right product and the right assistance before making any decisions.You may be required to take a homebuyer class, so ask your lender in advance.
All the right pieces are in place to buy today. Click Here to Learn More!