HomeOwnership Center of Central Massachusetts

138 Green Street, Suite 4
Worcester, MA 01604
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NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center of Central Massachusetts


Please note, if the Worcester Public School’s are closed due to weather, the NW HOCCM will be closed.

Your Comprehensive Housing Service Provider

Nationally Certified: HUD & NeighborWorks® America; State certified by DHCD.

Div. of Banks, Mass. Housing, Mass. Housing Partnership and CHAPA; City of Worcester

Home Buyer Assistance
· Free Orientation
· First-Time Homebuyer Education Course with Certification
· Credit Counseling and Budgeting
· Down Payment Assistance
· Mortgage Acquisition Finance Assistance
· Community-wide Clearing House for non-profit Affordable Housing Sales
Foreclosure Prevention
· Access to state and federal assistance programs
· Individual HomeOwner Foreclosure Prevention Plan
· Mortgager Refinancing Negotiating
· Legal Advocacy
· Mortgage Financing and Debt Management
HomeOwner Assistance
· Landlord 101 Training
· Energy & Weatherization
· Emergency Repairs
· De-leading and Rehab programs
Financial Capability 
· Personal Finance
· Budgeting
· Improving Savings
· Understanding your Credit
· Improving your Credit
· Using Credit to your Advantage

The NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center of Central Massachusetts provides tailored services to current and future homeowners, including programs that help train, counsel and finance the purchase of a home. Please feel free to browse our site for further information and contact us with your queries.